Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 6 of No Dining Out March

Saturday was Day 6 of No Dining Out March. It was super hard not to go out to eat because we went shopping a few hours away. But we did it!

For breakfast we had cereal(pantry, free) instead of chicken biscuit for me($3.50), and the kids had the same. Usually they get sausage biscuits on weekends for breakfast.($1.50x2) And my husband usually eats cereal so he eats for free ;)
So my total savings for breakfast was$6.50!

Lunch was the problem. We went to the Promenade and they have soooo many restaurants around there. It was smelling so good and I was tempted BUT we didn't. Instead we brought lunch meat and had sandwich's at the park. It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed it! Normally on a Weekend lunch we would spend $30.
Total savings $30

Supper. We had quesadillas. Normally we would spend about $40 going out for supper on Saturday night. Love me some Fuji's!!!
Total savings $40

Total savings today- $76.50. Total savings for 6 day period- $161.92!!!!

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