Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 2 of No Dining Out March

So yesterday was Day 2 of No Dining Out March. I don't eat out for supper on Tuesdays so the money saved on supper last night will not count toward my overall savings.

Breakfast- Normally spend $3.50 at Mc Donalds. Here is what I did instead...
Malt o Meal(chocolate)- FREE. Wal-mart has the smaller sized Malt O Meal for $0.75. Use the coupon HERE to get it for free!
Total savings- $3.50

Lunch- Usually spend an average of $5 on lunch at various places. Here is what I did instead...
Leftovers from supper the night before(lime chicken soft taco's)-FREE
Total Savings- $5

Supper- I had Chicken and Bean Chimichangas from THIS recipes. It was sooo good!

Total savings today- $8.50. Combined savings-$34.92 in just 2 days!!!

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