Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween to everyone! I won't be in much today with all the great Halloween freebies(see post below) BUT thought I would leave you with some great inspiration. Click HERE to see how a mom feeds her family of 6 on $4 a week. AMAZING! (thanks, mammalovestosave)

Everyone have fun and be safe tonight!!!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween freebies!

Here are some freebies for Halloween tomorrow!

Free Cherry Limemade from Sonic- from 2-5pm. Also, $0.50 corn dogs from 5pm -10pm (thanks renee and Hip2Save)

Free mattel toy for you child at Sears- Bring your child to Sears in a costume and your child will recieve a free mattel toy. There is also a $5 off $20 coupon good on toys.

Taco bell is giving you a free blackjack taco from 6pm to midnight.

At Toys R Us from noon to 3pm, Customers can visit any Toys”R”Us store – dressed up in their costume – to participate in a Halloween celebration! Children ages three and up who attend Geoffrey’s Trick “R” Treat Parade will receive a FREE reusable bag, which they can fill up with goodies and giveaways (while supplies last)! (Thanks, Hip2Save)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lots of Food Coupons!

Wow! There are alot of printable coupons in this booklet! Here are some of the resturants mentioned:

BOGO Free at Landry's seafood
Free appetizer at River Crab
$10 off 2 dinner entree's at Big Fish
&Many more!
(thanks, emma)

Wahoo great food coupons!

Payless- 50% off everything

So excited about this coupon. You can get 50% off everything in the store! This offer is good for today and tomorrow ONLY. So go get some great deals at Payless. Just click on the link below!
UPDATE: I went to payless and bought alot of stuff. The great news with this coupon is it's letting you use it on clearance items too! They had disney princess shoes marked $6 and so my finally price was only$3 for shoes for my daughter!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Printable coupons

Here are some more great printable coupons.

$1/1 Pillsbury Grand Cinnamon rolls. The 5ct. are priced somewhere along $0.78-$0.98 depending on what Wal-mart you shop at. Either way it's a money make with free cinnamon rolls!

$1.50/2 Ore-Ida Fries. Wal-mart carries the microwavable box of Ore-Ida french fries. They are priced around $.97 at wal-mart. So for 2 boxes you would only be paying $0.44!

$1/2 Campbell's soup. Wal-Mart has these around $0.88 each so for two after coupon they would be $0.38 each! Cheaper than the great value brand!

Just a few more days left to enter my giveaway.

(First, sorry about not posting much today. I am starting not to feel well but hopefully will feel better soon!)

Just a few days left to enter my giveaway to win 4 free movie tickets and a coupon for a free box of cereal. Just click the link HERE ! And good luck!!!!!

Target: Buy 6 packages of Keebler cookies for only $.50

Okay so you may be wondering why I never have other deals besides Wal-Mart. Well, I only have Wal-Mart. My closest target is about an hour away. The only deal I have done there is my target toy deal which you can see HERE. But for those of you who have target I thought you would enjoy seeing how to get 6 packages of cookies for only $0.50. Head on over to AThriftyMom for details.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smokey Bones-$5 off any purchase

This is a great coupon! There is no minimum purchase either. I wish I had one closer to me though! Coupon is valid until 11/2. (Thanks, Hip2Save)

$15 refund on your next dentist appointment

I am excited about this! Oral-B is giving you a refund of $15 good on your next dentist appointment!

You must buy any Oral-B® Pulsonic, ProfessionalCare® or Sonic Complete® rechargeable toothbrush( be on the lookout for coupons in the sunday paper-Nov 1st will have P&G coupons!) and mail this form and original dated sales receipt with store name and product purchase price circled.

This is great for us because we don't have dental issurance(I know-work for the government but still no so every little bit helps!

(Thanks, Angie)

Wahoo $15 refund for clean teeth!

Free trail mix bar and free nut clusters

Click the link below to enjoy a trail mix bar and a sample bag of nut clusters. You will also recieve coupons, healthy tips, and meal ideas for signing up with Eat Better America.

Free sample of Tropical Breeze Fragrance

Just click the link below for your free sample of tropical breeze fragrance. I love free samples! These are great to put out when guest from out of town stay over. You can put a little basket of all the free samples out nicely in the bedroom. Most out of town guest tend to forget things like this so it would be a welcomed sight for your guests!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Meal Deal Monday-Sour Cream Chicken Enchiliadas

Be sure to check out last weeks Meal Deal HERE.

This weeks recipe is Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas. To feed a family of 4-6 people it would cost only.......$4.85!!!!

1-16 oz cont.of sour cream, $0.88. (Use insert from sunday paper, $0.40 off Highland sour cream. Wal-mart has Highland sour cream for $1.28)
1-pkg of 10 tortillas, $0.88. (Use printable coupon from HERE, $1.00 off. Wal-mart has Mission tortillas for $1.88).
1/2 bunch cilantro,$0.33. (Wal-mart has cilantro for $0.67 a bunch.)
2-cans cooked chicken,$1.30. ( Use $2 off 3 Hormel products-insert. Wal-mart has canned Hormel chicken for 1.32 each.)
1 cup salsa-divided, $0.62. ( Wal-Mart has salsa for $1.92(has 3 cups in it))
1 cup shredded colby cheese, $0.84. ( Wal-mart has great value brand for $1.68.)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix chicken, sour cream, 3/4 cup of the cheese, 1/4 cup of the salsa, and the cilantro until well blended.

2.Spoon about 1/4 cup of the chicken mixture down center of each tortilla; roll up. Place, seam sides down, in 13x9-inch baking dish. Top with remaining 3/4 cup salsa; cover. Bake for 30 minutes!

(recipe from

Glowelle Beauty Drink

Sign into facebook for this great (free) offer!

We want to Spread The Glow and you can help! Fill out the form below and we’ll send you our fabulous GLOWELLE clutch containing three GLOWELLE powder stick packs, product information and a few refreshing, beauty-boosting recipe suggestions (approx. $15 value). Then you can invite your friends to come here and get the same offer! We want everyone to have Glowing skin. Spread the Glow!

Boston Market-$1 Chicken Meal

Boston Market is offering up a fantastic bargain meal! Just click the link below. This meal includes a quarter white or 3 piece dark chicken, mashed potatoes and cornbread! (Thanks, hip2save)


Don't forget to enter to my giveaway to win 4 free movie tickets and a coupon for a free box of cereal HERE!

There are not many comments so your chances are pretty good!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wal-Mart deals-10/25/09

Here is the current list of Wal-Mart deals going on. I hope it helps you all out when shopping at Wal-Mart!

*********Money Makers or FREE********

Reach Floss unwaxed, $1.00
Use $1 off-insert

Honey Bunches of Oats, $2.00
Used $2 off-HERE

Lucky Charms, $4.12
Use coupon from HERE

Aquafresh toothpaste,extreme clean-travel size, $0.97
Use Try it free -HERE

Kashi Go Lean Cereal, $3.00
Used $3 off-VocalPoint

AirWick I-Motion, $6.00
Use $6 off-insert

Cheerios-single cup, $1.00
Use $1 off-HERE

Klondike Choco Taco, $1.00
Use $1 off-HERE

Kotex pads, $1.00
Use $1.00 off-insert

Healthy Choice Forzen Dinner, $2
Use $2 off-HERE

Honey Bunches of Oats,$2
Use $2 off HERE

Tide-travel, $0.97
Use $1 off-insert
=$0.03 Money Maker

Schick disposable razor(yellow package) $1.97
Use $2 off-insert
=$0.03 Money Maker

El Montery Tornados, $2.00
Use$1 off -insert, plus try me free rebate
= $1.00 Money Maker

Rolaids-3pack, $1.38
Use $4 off of 2-insert
=$1.24 Money Maker

Sun chips, $0.88
Use $1 off of 1-All You Magazine
=$0.12 Money Maker

Renu Fresh Lens Comfort, $1.47
Use $2 off-HERE
=$0.53 Money Maker(thanks, couponingtodisney)

Hormeal Compleats, $1.97
Use $2.00 off Hormeal Completes-All you
=$0.03 Money Maker

Dial Body Wash, travel, $0.97
Use $1 off-HERE
=$0.03 Money Maker

********$1.00 or less*********

Suave's mens deoterant, $0.97
Use $0.75 off-insert

KY Jelly, $2.12
Use $2 off-insert

Sure men’s deoterant,$2.18
Use$1.50 off-insert
= $0.68

Martha White Cornbread mix, $0.58 each
Use $0.55 off of 2-insert
=$0.30 each

Hunt's ketchup, $0.97 each
Use $1 off of 2-all you
= $0.47 each

Nestle water 6-pk, $1.00
Use $0.50-all you

Lea & Perrin Thick, Classic, $2.58
Use $2.00 off-insert

Ortega taco seasoning, $0.68 each
Use $0.75 off of 2-insert
=$0.61 each

Sesame Street Bath color tablets, $1.47
Use $0.50 off-HERE

Louisana Fish Fry Mix, $1.32
Use $1.00 off of 2-insert
=$0.82 each

Febreeze noticeables-$5.00
Use $4.00 off-insert

Steamfrseh meals $2.00(was 4.75)
Use BOGO Free
=$1.00 each

Snuggles dryer sheets(40-ct),$1.68
Use $1.00 off HERE

Sara lee frozen pound cake- $2.00
Use $1.00 off HERE

Alexis onion crisp chips- $2.00
Use $1.00 off-all you

Highland sour cream-$1.28
Use $0.40 off-insert
= $0.88

Hormeal chili w/ beans-$1.25 each
Use 2.00 off wyb 3-insert
=$0.59 each

Progresso soup-$1.50
Use $1.00 off HERE

Kellogg's cinnabon bars, $1.88
Use $1.00 off HERE

Playtex gloves, $1.88
Use $1.00 off HERE

Toaster strudels, $1.98
Use $1.00 off-HERE

Mission Tortillas,$1.88
Use $1.00 off HERE

Bar S Hot dogs,$0.88 each
Use $1/2-insert
= $0.38 each

Success rice,$1.88
Use $1 off HERE

Rotel, $1.12
Use $0.50 HERE

White cloud toilet paper, $1.99
Use $1.00 off HERE

Del Monte fruit chillers, $2.00
Use $1 off HERE

Trident Layer Gum, $1.18 each
Use $1 off 2 HERE (zipcode 90210)
=$0.68 each

Wholly Salsa, $1.38
Use $1.00 off HERE (zipcode 90210)

Star Vinegar, $1.76
Use $1.00 off-insert

Mission Tortillas, $1.88
Use $1 off HERE

Yoplait Delights,$2
Use $1 off insert or HERE

Hungry Hippo Travel Game, $4.97
Use $4 off HERE
=$0.97 (thanks, couponingtodisney)

********Other great Wal-Mart deals********

Highland Chocolate Milk, $1.88
Use $0.40 off-insert

Bath salt, $3.27
Use $0.75 off-HERE

Huggies Pure and Natural, $8.97
Use $3 off HERE(thanks, NWAdeals)

Midol, $3.78
Use $2 off HERE

Playskool Dinosaur Hatchling, $14.98
Use $5 off HERE

Ice Age DVD, $7
Use $2 off HERE

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Great printable coupons

Here are some great printable coupons! If you don't see the item listed then use the zipcode 90210!

$2 off Nestle Bag 24 oz or larger. (Butterfingers are $5.99 at my Wal-mart)

$3 off Huggies Pure and Natural. (Rollback at Wal-Mart for $8.97)

$1 off snuggles dryer sheets. (Wal-mart has the 40 count for $1.68)

$1 off Yoplait Delights. (Wal-mart has them for $2)

Free Blackjack taco from Taco Bell

You can get a free blackjack taco from Taco Bell on October 31st from 6pm to Midnight! It says one per person so 1 free per family member! I haven't tried the blackjack taco so now I will get to try it for free!

October 26th- Free Grilled Chicken at KFC

I am so excited about this freebie. Who doesn't love free food? On Monday KFC will be giving away a free piece of grilled chicken to their customers. I tried the grilled chicken when Oprah gave away all those free coupons. (We all know how that turned out ;) )and I really liked them. This time there are no coupons involved but I would call ahead and make sure your KFC is participating!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

GIVEAWAY! 4 Free Movie tickets plus a coupon for a free box of cereal(A $54 Value)

I am so EXCITED to be doing another giveaway! This one is so much better than the last. This time one of my followers will win 4 FREE movie tickets(A $48 Value) plus a coupon for a FREE box of cereal from General Mills(up to $6)! Read below for some more information from General Mills promotion going on then read the bold paragraph below to find out how to get 4 Free Movie tickets from WahooABargain!!!

Starting in November, you can receive a free movie ticket when you purchase two specially marked packages of General Mills’ Cereals. After purchasing two cereals, visit to enter the code found inside each box of cereal and print your free movie certificate good for admission to any movie.

Participating brands include select sizes of: Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Trix and Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs.

To find a participating theater near you, log onto

GIVEAWAY- Here is how you will be entered to win this prize pack.
1- You must follow my blog. If you aren't a follower just hit the little follow me button on the right side of the page!
2-Leave a comment telling me what movie you will go see with these tickets and why you want to see this movie! Please leave your email address so I know how to contact you if you are a winner!

*Additional entry-Post a link on your blog about this giveaway. Leave another comment sharing the link from your blog!

It's that easy! My family and I are so excited to be going for free to see Cloudy with A Chance of Meatball tomorrow! We will be enjoying our free lucky charms cereal in the morning!

Note- these are e-movie tickets so click the above link to see if your local theater is participating!

I will end the comments on Nov.2nd at midnight and draw from the comments using

General Mills provided me with the free coupon, information, and prize pack through MyBlogSpark!!

Pep Boys FREE Fall Maintenance Check expires 11/15 reg. $30.00

Wow! My husband will be excited about this deal. You can get a FREE fall maintenance check up before Nov. 15th with this coupon! Just click the link below for yours!(Thanks, Betty!)
Wahoo free Maintenance check

More great Halloween costumes! is having a big sale on their Halloween costumes. Lots are 75% off! Use coupon code COSTUMES09 to get free shipping!

Wahoo BabyAge costumes

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Toys R Us- $4.99 and up costumes + Free shipping.

Toys R Us has some really cute costumes on clearance right now! Plus most have free shipping. Here are the best deals I found.

Ni Hao Kai-Lan Halloween Costume-Was $19.99 Now $5

Superman Returns: Child Halloween Costume - Size Large-Was $24.99 Now $6.25

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Glo Mineral eyeshadow

Get Loose - eye shadow, that is...Help us double our Facebook Fans in 1 week and all our fans will receive FREE gloLoose eye shadow!

Here's how it works:

1. Become a fan of glominerals on Facebook.

2. Next, (or if you're already a fan) spread the word to your friends to become a fan, too!

3. If we reach our goal of doubling our fans in a week, EVERYONE will be sent a special link to fill out their information to receive their FREE gloLoose eye shadow!It's that simple - let's do it!Click to visit our Facebook page now

Free hamburger at McDonalds

Wear your costume to McDonald's and get a free hamburger on October 31st. Be sure to call ahead and make sure that your McDonald's is participating!

Free 6 piece chocolate dip fruit sample

Hurry and sign up on Edible Arrangements and get a free 6 piece chocolate dip fruit sample! Sign up , then they will send a coupon to you in your email. The first 100,000 will get this freebie!(Thanks, Athriftymom)
Wahoo free chocolate dip

Monday, October 19, 2009

Meal Deal Monday

Okay so I thought I would start something new for Monday's. In addition to all the bargains I thought I would post a bargain meal. I will include how much it cost me and I plan on keeping it lower than $5 for a family of four.

*Here is the recipe for the week-MEXICAN PIZZA- Total Price $2.69 for a family of 4!*


1-8 count can of crescent rolls. Price- $0.24 or $1.74. Wal-mart has the 4-ct priced at $1.12 for.I used 2 of my $1 off 1(no longer available but there is a $0.50 off of 2 HERE.

*1/2 package of cream cheese.Price- $.61.( Great value is $1.22 so split that price)

*1/2 lb ground turkey seasoned with taco seasoning-Price- $0.50.( This is not located with the regular hamburger meat. It is packaged like sausage and located in the middle freezer island-1lb for $1-can't beat that!)

*1/2 cup cheddar cheese.Price $0.42. Wal-mart has the great value cheese at $1.68 for 2 cup bag.

*1/2 cup shredded lettuce.Price $0.28 Buy the whole lettuce and just shredd it yourself. Saves alot of money!

*1/2 cup olives.Price $0.64. Buy the whole olives and slice them yourself. Again saves money.

*1/2 cup sour cream-Price $0.61. Wal-Mart's great value brand. I have a hard time finding good coupons for sour cream! Sometimes Daisy has them though so be on the lookout!

1.Unroll crescent roll dough and place in an ungreased 15-in. x 10-in. x 1-in. baking pan. Flatten dough to fit the pan, sealing seams and perforations. Bake at 375 degrees F for 8-10 minutes or until light golden brown; cool. In a small bowl, blend cream cheese and sour cream with a wire whisk; spread over crust. Chill 30 minutes.
2.Meanwhile, in a skillet, brown turkey; drain. Spread over cream cheese mixture. Top with olives, cheese and lettuce. Cut into serving-size pieces. Serve immediately or refrigerate.

So your total to feed a family of 4 would be $2.69 or if you didn't have those $1 off then it would be $4.19! You can't feed one person to dinner on that going out!

This recipe was from

Lillian Vernon Big Sale

Lillian Vernon is having their big sale going on right now.
Coupon codes you can use to make this deal even better!
*Use coupon code 978860200 to get 10% off orders.
*Use coupon code 569830100 to get shipping for $5
*Use coupon code 769069480 to get free shipping on orders over $55
*Use coupon code 009750000 to get $10 off $50 or more
Here are some of their great deals.

Super soft pretend camera- Was $14.98 Now $4.98

Turquiose Polka-Dot Toiletry Case-Was $12.98 Now $3.25

Snow Family Welcome Sign(personalize it!)- Was $16.98 Now $5.98

Wahoo Big sale at Lillian Vernon

Save $1.00 on any flavor Progresso soup

This is a great printable coupon! Click HERE to view the ad on and you should see the ad for $1.00 off progresso soup. If you don't see it right away then refresh the page a few times and it should show up. It only took me twice and it showed up. These are on rollback for $1.50 at my wal-mart so only $0.50 for a can of soup. Not too bad!

$5.99 - Large Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza Customer Appreciation Week is 10/19-10/25! To celebrate, starting today, October 19th, Domino's is offering up a large, one-topping pizza with extra cheese for just $5.99--Carryout ONLY! This is available at ALL participating Domino's Pizza stores! The limit of pizza you can get is 256 per household per day..... Seriously, how did they come up with that number?(thanks, hip2save)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Win 1 of a million free cupcakes from Little Debbies

You could win a free box of cupcakes from Little Debbies. They are giving away a million coupons along with other prizes. Just click the link below!(You must be signed up with facebook.)

Wahoo chance to win a free box of cupcakes

Belk sale!

Wow. There are some great online sales going on right now. Here is another one. Belk's is having an online sale. Best of all it's free shipping on orders $50 or more through the 21st!!!

Cooks Tools™ 18 pc. Riveted Cutlery-Was $50.00 Now $19.99

Anchor Hocking Glass 16 pc. Kitchen Storage Set with Red Lids Was $40.00 Now $17.99

Beauty Sundress Set - Newborn Was $29.00 Now $4.89

Ralph Lauren polo dress-Was $45.00 Now $4.98

Janie and Jack online sale

I for one can't afford Janie and Jack at full price but when they have their sales I love to buy from them. Plus, you can pretty much get your money back when your kids out grow them by selling them on ebay. Here are some really good deals plus use couponcode FREESHIP for free shipping on orders $75 or more.

Watercolor Floral Tunic-Was $30.00 Now $7.99

Smocked Terry Dress- Was $38.00 Now $10.39

Soda Fountain Dress- Was $48.00 Now $19.99(Still not too cheap but so adorable!)

Wahoo Janie and Jack sale

Free 3 year subscription to Town and Country-Update-New link at bottom!

Hurry! These go fast. Just click the link below and you will recieve FREE 3 year subscription to Town and Country from Reward Gold. You need to fill out a short survery about watches.

Wahoo-new link

Oriental Trading Company Sale

Oriental Trading Company is have a pretty good sale going on right now. If you are a teacher, a sunday school teacher, or just a mom looking for some fun crafts this is the place for you! Here are some of the best deals I see.

3-D Tiki Hut Craft Kit-(makes 12)- Was $12.95- Now $4.47

Color your own count your blessing poster(makes 6)- Was $14.95- Now $4.97

Fabulous Foam Christmas DAD frames (24 count)- Was $12.99 Now $2.47

Here is what makes these deals even sweeter.

Use coupon code AHP743 for Free shipping on orders $20 or more.

Use coupon code SW1019773 for 20% off any order.

Use coupon code WCX8526 for free shipping and $20 off of $69 or more.

Use coupon code SMEMAIL for $10 off of $30 or more.

Wahoo Oriental Trading clearance

Friday, October 16, 2009

Great coupon booklets

You can get some great coupons out of these 2 coupon books!!!

Home Made Simple - over $30 worth of coupons good on products like cascade, febree, dawn, and more!!!!

Nabisco- $55 in savings on great food items such as capri sun, planters, ritz bits.

Restaurant deals going on!

Red Robin- sign up for their email and get a free gourmet burger on your birthday.

Macaroni Grill- sign up for their email and get a free appetizer.

Famous Dave's BBQ- sign up a get a coupon for free food(some of these coupons are good for a full platter(a $59.99 value).

Rainforest Cafe- printable coupon for $10 off of $25.

Buffalo Wild Wings- printable coupon for $5 off $25.

T.G.I.Fridays- Printable-Free appetizer w/ purchase of a drink.

Ryan's- sign up for e-club and get a free megabar .

Golden Corral-Free meal for military on 11-16-09.

Congrats to the winner of the $5 starbucks gift card

Congratulations to Young in Texas. You are the winner of the $5 starbucks gift card. An email has been sent to your email address and you have 48 hours to respond! The drawing was done by Be sure to check back for another giveway in the next 2 weeks!

$50 off $100 coupon at Old Navy

NWADEALS -has 10, yes 10, $50 off $100 coupons at Old Navy to giveaway to 10 of her subscribers. I had actually won one of these at OLDNAVYWEEKLY a few weeks ago and I bought so many clothes. As moms we never seem to have the money to spend money on ourselves. Well with this coupon you could spend on yourself and not feel bad about it. Be sure to head over to NWADeals and check out her other deals.

Megabucks at Swagbucks!!

I know I post this alot but if you haven't joined you are really missing out. With all the amazon Christmas deals starting a few extra dollars can really help. I have paid for my husband's Christmas gift and one of my son's with swagbucks. So sign up if you have been waiting too!
Don't forget today is Megabucks Friday. You can win up to 100 swagbucks for just searching for things! We do this everyday with google and yahoo. Why not get something in return. This is FREE to join. I have already earned $35 in Amazon gift cards in just a little over 3 months. They have tons of other prizes and gift cards too. Just click on the link below to get started.In fact if you click below you will already recieve 3 swagbucks. 42 more and you get a free $5 amazon gift card.

Wahoo free gift cards for searching

Free happy baby product

Wow! This is a great coupon. You can print a coupon for a FREE product of Happy Baby. The target in Ft. Smith carries these so I would assume most do. I just love all the free coupons that have been going around! Hopefully I can find lots more! Thanks, MammaLovestoSave

Wahoo free Happy Baby Product

Last day to enter to win a $5 starbucks gift card.

Today is the last day to enter to win a $5 gift card to starbucks. I will be drawing from a winner at 6:00 tonight. Good luck to everyone! Just click HERE to read the rules and to enter!- Okay for some reason the link button isn't working. I'm on a family vacation so I'm using hotel wi-fi.(so not a bargain) So, if you want a chance to win just go down about 8 post and you will see the rules and how to enter.
So sorry about that!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Custom Mini Coins Purse-2 for $3.99 shipped!

Wow. This is a great deal! I ordered one of these when they had it one for $1.99 shipped. You get to upload 2 of your pictures to go on the coin purse. These would make such a great Christmas gift for a female family member! I am now almost done with Chirstmas shopping. Wahoo!!!!! To get the discount at check out enter code COINPURSE399. Hurry because this offer expires on the 22nd!

This is a fine example of a miniature sized purse for loose change that is easy to take around and also fits nicely into any handbag. This purse is fully customizable on both sides and is perfect for those of you who want to be more freed up with its conveniently sized design that fits not only coins, but bills and credit cards.
Made from 100% polyester
Double sided printing
Designed to fit loose change, bills and credit cards
Approximate dimensions 4.5" x 2.75" (W x H)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Victoria Secret- Free Panty

You can sign up at Victoria Secret for their Pink Nation membership(it's free). Once you sign up you can print a coupon for free VS panty plus $10 off any bra! They also send you great coupons on your birthday. I got a $10 off $10 or more last month for my birthday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wal-mart deals 10-12-09-with 20 items free or money makers!

See updated list (10/25/09) HERE
Here are some of my wal-mart deals. Remember wal-mart prices vary store by store so your store may be higher on some items or they might be lower! These prices are at my local Super Center Wal-Mart in Arkansas.
*** I also wanted to explain some things. When it says insert that means it came from a sunday paper. If you follow other blogs they have the insert paper/date plus expiration date. Honestly I have no idea how they do this. I clip all my coupons and then put them into my binder. I shop then I post my bargains. So all of what you see is what I bought that day(yes, I buy more than this but this is with coupons) So I have no idea the expiration date bc I already used the coupon.
*** If you see it says All You-then that is from the magazine All You that is bought at Wal-mart. It's only 2.29 and has over $80 in coupons.
***Lastly is printables, yes Wal-mart takes them. The ones locally(Russellville and Clarksville) will NOT take the ones that are mailed to Del Rio, Tx. I don't know why. But most are from El Paso, Tx so it's all good!
Anyways here are my deals!


Tide (travel size), $0.97
Use $1.00 off any size tide-insert
=$0.03 Money Maker

Clean and Clear (travel size), $0.98
Use $1.00 Clean and Clear product-insert
=$0.02 Money Maker

Hormeal Compleats, $1.97
Use $2.00 off Hormeal Completes-All you
=$0.03 Money Maker

Sun chips, $0.88
Use $1 off of 1-all you
=$0.12 Money Maker

Schick disposable razor(yellow package) $1.97
Use $2 off-insert
=$0.03 Money Maker

Dial, travel size, $0.97
Use $1 off-printable
=$0.03 Money Maker

El Montery Tornados, $2.00
Used $1 off -insert plus try me free rebate
= $1.00 Money Maker

Rolaids-3pack, $1.38
Used $4 off of 2-insert
=$1.24 Money Maker

Reeses cup-dark, $0.50
Used $0.55 off-insert
=$0.05 Money Maker


Aquafresh toothpaste-travel size, $0.97
Used Try it free -printable

AirWick I-Motion, $6.00
Used $6 off-insert

Cheerios-single cup, $1.00
Used $1 off-printable

Klondike choco taco, $1.00
Used $1 off-printable

Honey Bunches of Oats, $2.00
Used $2.00 off-printable

Reach floss, $1.00
Used $1.00 off-insert

Kotex pads, $1.00
Used $1.00 off-insert

Bic Pens, $0.50
Used $1 off of 2-Insert

Kashi go lean crunch, $3.00
Used $3.00 off-vocalpoint

Renu Fresh Lens Comfort (travel size), $1.47
Used $2off- printable
=Free (thanks, couponingtodisney)

Healthy choice dinner, $2.00
Used $2.00 off-printable

****LESS THAN $1****

KY Jelly, $2.12
Used $2 off-insert

Pillsbury crescent rolls-4ct, $1.16
Used $1 off-printable(no longer available :()

Edwards Key Lime Pie, $1.17
Used $1 off-(okay I don't remember if it was a printable or insert!)

McCormick Black pepper, $1.26
Used $1 off-printable

Martha White Cornbread mix, $0.58 each
Used $0.55 off of 2-insert
=$0.30 each

Hunt's ketchup, $0.97 each
Used $1 off of 2-all you
= $0.47 each

Nestle water 6-pk, $1.00
Used $0.50-all you

Glade multiwick candle, $3.50
Used $3.00 off-insert

Snuggles Dryer sheet(40ct), $1.58
Used $1.00 off-printable

Lea & Perrin Thick, Classic, $2.58
Used $2.00 off-insert

Ortega taco seasoning, $0.68
Used $0.75 off of 2-insert
=$0.61 each

Halls(20 ct), $1.76
Used $0.35-insert plus price matched dollar general($1.00)
= $0.65

Nature Valley Nut Clusters, $2.28
Used $1.60 off- Psst

Star Vinegar, $1.76
Used $1.00 off-insert

Success rice, $1.78
Used $1.00 off-printable

Progresso High fiber soup, $1.78
Used $1.00 off-printable

Budweiser BBQ Sauce, $1.78
Used $1.00 off-insert

Louisana Fish Fry Mix, $1.32
Used $1.00 off of 2-insert
=$0.82 each

Pillsbury french loaf, $1.86
Used $1.00 off(no longer available)

Kellogg's cinnabon bars, $1.88
Used $1.00 off-printable

Playtex gloves, $1.88
Used $1.00 off-printable=$0.88

Toaster strudels, $1.98
Used $1.00 off-printable

Soda pop dessert topper, $1.98
Used $1.00 off-insert

McCormick miced garlic, $1.98
Used $1.00 off-printable

White cloud toilet paper, $1.99
Used $1.00 off-printable

Del Monte fruit chillers, $2.00
Used $1 off-printable

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Monday, October 12, 2009

More Amazon deals!

Here are more amazon deals! It's a great time to stock up on Christmas gifts!

Blazing saddles-BluRayDVD- Was $28.99 Now $8.99 (I am getting this for my husband!)

Risky Business-BluRayDVD- Was $28.99 Now $9.99

The Wedding Singer-BluRayDVD- Was $28.99 Now $9.99

Cooking with Splenda-Hardcover Cookbook- Was $21.95 Now $3.53

Playskool Dream Vanity- Was $49.99 Now $17.14 (Update 10-14-09-Looks like this has gone down to $16.74)