Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 4 of No Dining Out March

Yesterday was Day 4 of No Dining Out March. I am ashamed to admit that in 4 days I have saved over $50. I know, it's sad! Anyways, since it was Thursday and we don't normally eat out supper on Thursdays, supper will not count toward my total savings.

Breakfast, usually spend $3.50 on breakfast at McDonald's. I had lucky charms from the pantry.
Total savings- $3.50

Lunch, Usually spend $5 at random places in town. I had a sandwich made on leftover chicken and corn tortillas from my previous meals.
Total savings- $5

Supper- I had Red Pepper Tilapia- Even though it doesn't count for my grand total. There is a great sale at Harvest Foods on Tilapia. I got 4 fish fillets for only $2.88! What a bargain!!!

Total savings today- $8.50- Total grand savings for 4 days is $51.92!!!

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