Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 1 of No Dining March

So Kristin at Couponing to Disney is doing a cool idea on her blog. She is challenging her readers not to dine out for the month of March in order to save money. Click HERE to find out more information and if you decide to do this be sure to say so on her blog because at the end of the month she is giving away a $50 restaurant gift card!

I eat out every weekday for breakfast and lunch(5 days) And eat out about 4 times a week supper. (Monday's, Friday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's) So what I plan on doing is saying how much I would have spent each day going out to eat and then how much I saved. Anything that was in my pantry will be considered free but if there is a deal on it currently I will let you know.

Here is DAY 1-MARCH 1st( I will post picture tonight-can't upload on my work computer) OVERALL SAVINGS TODAY- $26.42

Breakfast- Usually spend $3.50 on chicken biscuit and sweet tea. I spent nothing on breakfast today. I had water and my free sample of Kashi Cereal from Vocalpoint.
Total savings $3.50

Lunch- Usually spend around $5. I spent nothing on lunch today. I had a mtn. dew from my stockpile and a 200 calorie Digornio Pizza, which was free from Vocalpoint.
Total savings $5

Supper- Usually spend around $20 for supper on Monday nights. I spent $2.08 to make supper last night. I made Lime Chicken Soft Taco's from allrecipes.com. I did do it a little different to save money. Here is what I did differently.
Total savings- $17.92

So overall today I saved $26.42!! Wahoo!

1.5lbs of fresh chicken, $1.00- Harvest Foods had a manager's special on some packages of chicken.
1/8 cup red wine vinegar, (free, pantry) -Wal-Mart has red wine vinegar for $1.88 plus there is a hang tag for $1.00 off making it $0.88 after coupon!
1 lime, $0.62
1 teaspoon of sugar, (free, pantry)
1/2 teaspoon of salt and pepper(free, pantry)
1/2 red onion, $0.42
cilantro(to your tasting)-Wal-mart has it for $0.72
cumin(free, pantry)-more or less to your liking.
8 corn tortillas,($0.04) If you have a Mexican grocery store(my town of 6,000 has 3 of them) then you can score like 100 of these for $0.50. So it's worth checking them out!
1-2 onions from the fridge that have been waiting for you to do something with
2 carrots

Boil water, chicken, onions, carrots in a pot until chicken is almost done.
Take chicken out and shred. Reserve chicken broth. Put in a freezer container to have free broth for later recipe.
Meanwhile pour red wine vinegar into skillet and turn on medium. Put shredded chicken into the skillet and add the juice from the lime, sugar, salt, pepper, onions and cilantro.
Let it cook for about 10 minutes.
Heat smaller skillet and heat up tortillas.
Serve the chicken mixture on top of the tortillas.


  1. Oh and I have to admit I'm ashamed at how much I spent going out to eat!