Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pinecone Research

I haven' t talked about this company before but they are taking applications right now. Pinecone research is a company that will email you survey's to do for money. Sometimes they will also send products for you to try.(You get to keep them and still get paid!)

I did 3 survey's last month for $3 a piece. The survey's are about 10 minutes long.

To read more about it click HERE. It took me about a year of trying to finally get accepted into Pinecone research. They usually look for certain targeted population. But I finally got in last month!!!!

I highly recommend this. Just click on the link below to sign up and see if you qualify-(note:I get no money or benefits for you clicking the link. I just think this is a great survey site)

******Link appears not to be working. Please leave your email in the comment section and I will email you the link. It appears to be working if I forward the email!*****


  1. I would like to sign up, but when I went to the site, I am not sure where to go? does this mean they are no longer accepting applicants?

  2. Okay sorry about that. Link should be fixed. If it doesn't work leave another comment and will email the link to the people who would like to sign up!

  3. still doesn't work, takes me directly to the home page. =(

    my email is - THANKS!

  4. still doesnt.

    Thank you

  5. Cindy and The Swope's-email has been sent. Let me know if it works!