Thursday, November 5, 2009

Double points at Disney Movie Rewards!

Today they are doing double points at Dinsey Movie Rewards. If you are not familiar with this program here is what you do.

When you buy a Disney movie look on the inside for a slip of paper that will have a code on it. Then click HERE to enter them. Blu-Rays are worth 125 points, then the rest are worth anywhere from 50-100 points.

You then save up your codes for their prizes listed. They have things from movies, blankets, even tickets to disney on ice.

What is so special about today is that they will double your points. So if you have 5 blu-rays dvd's to enter, instead of receiving 625 points you would get 1250!!!!
To get started you can enter HEART an recieve 50 points plus 50 bonus points!!!!!!!

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