Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dillard's In-store clearance sale

I went to Dillard's yesterday and am soooo glad I did! They had most of their clearance items for only $3.99!!! The had a ton of little boy and girls clothes, shoes, men's shirts, women's shirts and dresses, and even lots of purses for $3.99!

The original prices of some of these items were anywhere from $19.99 to $115!!!

I got a Daniel Cremieuz shirt, normally $40.00, for $3.99. A long summer dress, usually $59.99, for $3.99. A pair of Ralph Lauren shorts, normally $45.00, for $3.99.

This is a great deal and is perfect for stocking up on Christmas presents. In fact, I may go back when my husband is watching those Razorbacks play today!

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