Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pinecone Research is accepting applications!

Pinecone research is currently accepting applications for membership. It's FREE to join! I love Pinecone research.

Pincecone research will send you surveys to do. They will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes to complete. Once the survey is complete they will send you a $3 check or $3 to your paypal account.

About a month ago I got to do a product study for them. I got paid and I got to test out a new product and keep it (it was a cool product too but not allowed to share what it was :( )

If you are interested in signing up click HERE. Note- I do not get referral points or money for you clicking on the link. You can also click the link at the top of my blog to see all the ways I make extra money!


  1. I emailed the company and this is what they wrote back...
    Thank you for your e-mail! We have made the decision not to accept
    recruits through general referrals, nor will we be posting recruitment
    on our website. We will be posting banner ads on various unspecified web
    sites from time to time throughout the year. This is so we may better
    target more specific groups needed to meet the needs of our clients.
    Unfortunately, this is our only way of accepting new panelists at this

    Any suggestions?

  2. Yea, they stopped it about 2 weeks ago. The do this a few times a month and spots fill up quickly. I will post back on here when they start applications. If I find a banner I can send you an email. Just leave your email in the comments so I can email you the website if I find one! Sorry!

  3. Found a link. Fill this out and see if it works. https://www.pineconeresearch.com/Signup/Signup_Form.asp