Monday, June 7, 2010

I like FREE stuff in my mailbox. How about you?

I remember as a kid getting the mail and being soooo excited! Then I became an adult and it really stunk getting the mail. BUT, then I found bargain hunting last year and I LOVE checking the mail. My husband makes fun of me because I am the one who has to check it now.

The picture above is from one day last week. ALL of these were FREE! Even my husband was impressed. I'm sure the mail guy wasn't too excited cramming that into my little mail box ;)
Here are some great freebies to start filling your mailboxes up!(yes, all free!)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Where do you find this information?

  2. If you go to any websites of things that you love, lots of times they have free samples. Alos, there is a bigger list at Click on freebies. You do have to weed thru alot of not good freebies but you will find quite a few also! also has alot of free samples that change every 2 weeks or so. So I always check there!

  3. Thank you for these links. I just recently found your website and have received several freebies so far!