Monday, December 7, 2009

How I was able to score a Monty-T-Rex for FREE on Amazon!

I have saved alot of money these last few months shopping frugally(hmm. not sure that's a word) for Christmas. But some things are just hard to save on, especially when your child wants that one thing that you can't find a great deal on.
So when my old 4 year son came to me a few weeks ago and told me he wrote Santa that he wanted a Monty-T-Rex, off to wal-mart I went.... And then left wal-mart... emptied handed.... Why? The little t-rex that stomps and roars was $64! Seriously, for a 4 year old!!!!
But then when I got home and finally got my son calmed down after telling him the true meaning of Christmas and that Santa isn't the reason( yeah, doesn't go over well with a little boy), I realized that I had alot of FREE amazon gift cards and looked to see my balance of well over $60! The Monty-T-Rex was only $53.64!! FREE Monty-T-rex plus it shipped free!!!

So you may be wondering how I got those FREE amazon gift cards. I signed up for swagbucks! Swagbucks is FREE to join. You simply get points for searching for things. Just like google or yahoo. You will average about 1-3 points a day. Plus you can add their toolbar and get a swagcode a few times a week worth 1 point each! If you have people join under you then for every point they get , you get it too!

If you want to get started just click the banner below. You will get 3 points for signing up (don't forget it's free!) so just 42 more points you will get a $5 amazon gift card. You may not have enough points for this Christmas but just imagine next Christmas not having to spend a dime. How awesome would that be!!!!

So now my son is set for Christmas and we will also be working on the real reason for Christmas too!

Search & Win

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  1. COOL!!! I know Carter is going to be SO EXCITED to find that under the tree!!!