Monday, August 31, 2009

Wal-Mart deals- 8/31/09

Here is my wal-mart deals for today. My original total was $72.70 and after coupons/rebates it was $4.12. Here is what I got...

Juicy Juice Immunity, $2.92
Used buy it free(up to 3.99)(promotion)

Juicy Juice Brain Development, $2.92
Used buy it free(up to $3.99)(promotion)

Budweiser BBQ Sauce, $1.38
Used $1.00 off 1(insert)

Tyson fresh chicken, $3.00
Used $1.00 off 1(insert)

Lays, $0.75 each
Used $1.00/2 (All you)
OOP-$0.50 for 2

Kotex pads, $1.00 each
Used (4)$1.00 off(insert)
OOP-FREE for 4

Reeses cups, $.25 each
Used(6) $0.55(insert)
OOP- Money Maker of $1.80

Reach Floss, $1.00 each
Used (3) $1.00 off(insert)
OOP- FREE for 3

Kashi Cereal, $3.72
Used try it free(vocal point)

Bounce Dryer Bar-2 month, $3.92
Used $2.50 off(vocal point)
OOP- $1.42

Kelloggs Pop-tarts, $0.98 each
Used (8)$0.55 off(insert)(bought 10)Kelloggs rebate
OOP-Money Maker-$4.60

Tide to go, $0.97 each
Used(4) $1.00 off(insert)
OOP-Money Maker-$0.12

Digornio Pizza, $4.00
Used $1.50 off(insert)

Betty Crocker gluten free dessert, $4.50
Used try it free(mailer, link)

Glade soy joy candle, $2.97 each
Used(4) free coupons(insert)
OOP-FREE for 4

Chinet salad dishes, $1.97 each
Used (2) $1.00 off(insert)
OOP-$0.97 each

Wishbone dressing, $2.97 each
Used(2) free when you buy chinet salad dish.(on the dressing)
OOP-FREE for 2

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