Monday, August 3, 2009

Target-Toy bargains!!!

I went to Target in Fort Smith and scored alot of toys! My Original total would have been $522.40 but OOP was $167.91. Here is what I bought.

***Mold and Play Soap- $14.99---$3.74***

***Horse and Play Card set-$12.99---$3.24 ***

***Barbie Walkie Talkie-$17.99----$4.48 ***

***Princess Twinkle Magnet set-$9.99----$2.48***

***Barbie Cut and style Rapunzel-$21.99---$5.48***

***CARS-Tub time and Princess Tub time- $12.99(each)---$3.24(each)***

Imaginext chimpanzees and triceratops- $11.99(each)- --$2.98 (each)***

***Fairytale wedding Belle-$19.99---$4.98***

***Play wonder-Wedding set-$12.99---$3.24***

***Matchbox hard hat light&sound-$19.99---$4.98***

***Fisher price bug park- $15.99---$3.98***

***Geo-Trax Road pack-$17.99---$4.47***

***Thomas the train-Bruce-$10.99---$2.24***

***Cabbage Patch Newborn-$18.89---$4.72***

***CARS mini rescue station- $24.99---$6.24***

***Hotwheels power revver-$9.99---$2.48***

***Rockkstar make-up case-$14.29---$3.57***

***Nano Hawk(radio contol airplan)-$29.99---$7.48***

***So many surprises Dora (2)-$24.99(each)--$6.28(each)***

***Dora snow twins(2)-$14.99(each)--$3.24(each)***

***Nascar electronic racing set-$19.99--- $4.98***

***Tonka firetruck-$21.49---$5.37***

***Aquadoodle zip bin-$23.99---$5.98***

***Moon sand Pirates-$19.99---$4.98***

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