Saturday, August 29, 2009

FREE $10 gift card to select malls.

You can get a FREE $10 Gift card to select malls. There is no minimum purchase. Just click on the link below and on the 2nd changing screen it will ask for your email, enter it, and click on sign up fast. You will get an email with a voucher, then from September 17-19 take it to customer service to get your FREE $10 gift card. There are only 500 vouchers at each mall so HURRY! The one closest to me(Promenade in Rogers) still has over 200 left! ( I don't know if this is at each mall but the Promenade if you spend over $75 then you can take all your reciepts and get ANOTHER $10 gift card!
The link below will take you to the mall in Rogers but there is a sign at the bottom right that will let you change malls!
(Thanks, nwadeals)

Wahoo free $10 gift card

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