Monday, May 3, 2010

Swagbucks- Earn more this week!!!

So excited about this. If you join swagbucks this week you can earn 50 swagbucks just for signing up(usually is 30)!! Just use code SWAGNATION5! It is only 450 points for a $5 amazon gift card!
But, even if you are already signed up for swagbucks you can still earn lots more points this week. Because they are doubling points this week!!! Wahoo!
If you don't know what swagbucks is click HERE to see what it's all about! Remember it's FREE to join!!
---I just won 19 swagbucks after searching only 25 seconds!--- The key is to keep trying and look up things that are current. I.E.-Oil spill, Flooding, etc.
---About an hour later I won 22 more swagbucks. I'm up to 41 swagbucks today!!!
---OMGosh. I just got another 30 swagbucks. 71 swagbucks in a day. So very excited.


  1. I have a question about Swagbucks and was wondering if you could help me. I signed up for swag bucks yesterday and have been earning sb for searches. Today I made a purchase off and I haven't seen my sb increase from that. How does that work? I entered through sb website and went to do my purchase from there. Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate all of your hard work to keep us up to date on all the great deals waiting for us in cyber world.

  2. It sometimes takes awhile for the points to appear when you make a purchase through swagbucks. I would contact them to make sure everything with the transaction went through correctly. Here is the contact page for missing swagbucks with online purchase. Let me know if that works!