Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coupon Sunday

Thought I would start something new for Sundays. I am going to highlight the best coupon deals for wal-mart from the Sunday paper and printable coupons. This way it will be easy to link all the wal-mart deals!

Travel Tide, $0.97

-$0.35 off any size Tide(P&G) Expires 2/28

Final cost- $0.62

Secret Flawless(small), $1.48

-$0.50 off Secret Flawless(P&G)Expires 3/31

Final cost- $0.98

Glide floss, $1.48

-$1.00 off any Glide Product(P&G)Expires 2/28

Final cost- $0.48

Febreeze Noticeables, $5

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