Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Printable coupons

Here are some more great printable coupons.

$1/1 Pillsbury Grand Cinnamon rolls. The 5ct. are priced somewhere along $0.78-$0.98 depending on what Wal-mart you shop at. Either way it's a money make with free cinnamon rolls!

$1.50/2 Ore-Ida Fries. Wal-mart carries the microwavable box of Ore-Ida french fries. They are priced around $.97 at wal-mart. So for 2 boxes you would only be paying $0.44!

$1/2 Campbell's soup. Wal-Mart has these around $0.88 each so for two after coupon they would be $0.38 each! Cheaper than the great value brand!

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