Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pottery Barn taste with a Dollar Tree budget!

Okay, so I LOVE Pottery Barn but I can't afford their prices so I decided to scope out the dollar tree and make my own Pottery Barn decorations. I love this Mini Moss Vase Filler pictured above. It looks so much like Spring and would go perfect in my living room. But it's $10 just for the filler and it doesn't even include the vase! WOW! The vase they used for this is $30 so total price at Pottery Barn would be $40!!!

So, what I did is found these 5 items at Dollar Tree. The bowl, candle stick, moss and bird were $4 each and the robin eggs were on sale for $0.25. So $4.25 total.

You put the bowl on top of the candle stick and with a glue gun, glue it on. Add the spanish moss, then a few of the robin eggs, and lastly put the bird on top. My grand total was only $4.25. That's a savings of $35.75!!! Plus, I kind of like my better anyways ;)

I plan on showing more ways to save money on decorating on this blog so stay tuned!


  1. That's cute! I like the flare you have to it. I totally do that. See decorations in magazines and make my own with dollar tree stuff!

  2. What an awesome job of "doing it cheaper"! I love how it turned out. I also love the PB stuff. So Cute! Thanks so much for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper!