Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swagbucks- 60 points for new members!

Search & Win

If you haven't heard of swagbucks you are missing out! I have not had to pay for a SINGLE Christmas present this year because of swagbucks.

I know what you are probably saying, 'Well surely there is a catch'. But there isn't!!! You use Swagbucks as a search engine and get points for searching. I average getting points 2 times a day and about 20 points daily. You can also do surveys and townload their toolbar for more points. Plus if you refer members you will get points too!!!!

So how did I get FREE Christmas gifts? Well once you reach 450 points, you can cash them in for a $5 Amazon gift card! Over the year this adds up to ALOT of money!!!

Usually you get 30 points for signing up but they are offering a special. If you click on THIS link and use code JoinIn2010 you will get 60 points!!! Just 390 away from a $5 amazon gift card. So what are you waiting for? Get to searching!!!!

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