Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Restaurant.com $25 gift certificates only $2!!!

Restaurant.com is offering 80% their girft certificates when you enter BIG at checkout. This means their $25 gift certificates are only $2 after the code! This is such a bargain!!

We used one a few months ago at the Cresent Hotel Crystal Dining Room in Eureka Springs, AR. Here is how it works. I am spending $2 on a $25 gift certificate at the Cresent Hotel Crystal Dining room. According the the fine print I have to spend $35. So if I spent $40 on the meal, then used my $25 gift certificate it would bring my out of cost total to $15 + $2(spent on gift certificate). That's only $17 for a $40 meal. How awesome is that! Be sure to head over there and see what restaurants are in your area!

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