Friday, February 12, 2010

Financial Friday

Both my husband and I work full-time. We also have 2 kids in daycare. This can put a strain on finances. It seemed like we were working just to pay the bills and that we didn't have any extra money. But recently I started doing survey's for extra money. All this money is being saved for our vacation to Perdido Key in July( seriously wish I was there now with all this unusual snow in Arkansas)!

So I thought I would let my readers know what survey's I do and how much I get from them. I will put if I get points from referrals. Also, ALL these are free to join.

First, is not a survey site, but you earn points by searching for things. It's called SWAGBUCKS Points add up quickly and for 45 points you get a $5 amazon gift card(they do have other things but this, in my opinion, is the best one) I plan on paying for all my families Christmas presents this Christmas with Swagbucks! I do get points when people sign up under me, up to 100 points for each referral. Right now I am at over $200 in Amazon gift cards. This is just over for 6 months of searching plus referrals.

My next favorite is Opinion Outpost. I just recently joined this about a month ago and have made about $30.00. I didn't do all their surveys that they sent me either. This survery site lets you cash out for a $5 check or a $5 amazon gift card. They send you surveys to do and will let you k now within a minute or 2 if you qualify. A 20 point survey is equal to $2.00. I did a survey a few weeks ago worth 75 points and it only took about 15 mintues. So I made $7.50 in 15 minutes. Not bad at all! I get 20 points for each referral under me.

The last is Lightspeed. They do not have a referral program so you can't earn points for signing up people under you. BUT , they are really easy surveys and you get alot of points. Most surveys are 75 to 100 points. They have alot of gift cards available for only 1100 points. One of my favorites is a $10 TJ Maxx gift card for 1100 points or a $10 Applebee's gift card for 1175!

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